A Beginner's Guide to Radiant Health: Part Three

This is part three of our five-part series to get you started on the path to vibrant, plant-based wellness.  Check out Part One and Part Two! Please ask your questions in the comments or feel free to contact me.

Step 3: Add greens to everything.

Yup, everything.  Having a taco?  Stuff some romaine in it.  Making soup?  Follow the recipe, then add several handfuls of chopped spinach in the last 10 minutes of simmering.  Spaghetti night?  Chop some arugula and toss it with the finished product.  If I'm bringing leftovers to work, I will also bring a bag of greens - either to stuff underneath the leftovers in the microwave or to turn my leftover casserole/chili/taco stuffing into a warm salad topping.  There are very few dishes that can't be improved with a handful of greens.