Snack Time!

I love avocados with the passion of a thousand suns.  Thank goodness, because they're GREAT for me!  In fact, when I was first researching how to introduce solid foods to my infant son, many books recommended avocados as one of nature's most complete, nutritious miracle foods.  That's an endorsement I can get behind!

Avocados often get us into trouble because we've gotten used to dipping fried tortilla chips into guacamole, or topping a cheesy taco with a few slices of fresh avocado.  For a snack that will make you feel better and actually increase your energy and weight loss, try this great way to eat avocados:

1/2 package of store-bought vacuum-sealed guacamole (as long as the only ingredients are avocados and spices--I like Trader Joe's Avocado's Number Guacamole)

2-3 large carrots, sliced diagonally into chips (try multi-colored carrots if you like to take pretty pictures of your food like i do)

That's it!  You'll be amazed how satisfying and filling this combo can be.  For variety, you can try dipping pepper strips or other sliced raw root vegetables, or mix your favorite salsa into the guacamole.  Enjoy!